Friday, 17 January 2014

she sells sea shells

shells in shells
stripes, whorls, pearl
natures formal patterns of perfection
mementos of beaches
held within an oyster shell with
its sharp edges and silky smooth lining

thursday's small stone on friday - ink

cobalt ink
whiskery string
homemade label
curved reflections in the bottle
tidy ridged cap
paintable paint

wednesday's stone on friday - fading memory

fax paper - remember that?
this paper is forgetting, fading fast
fortune photocopied precious words
from dying friend, too ill to speak
still eloquent on paper

tuesday's post on friday - new sketchbook

the blank new sketchbook
carnet d'esquisses more properly
gold letterpress on ridged card
the blue of cornflowers
precious gift from dear friends visit to Paris
it may wait my next visit there
too perfect to use

Monday, 13 January 2014

catch up orchid

paper porcelain petals
bisque brittle
a protruding mouth with
spiked curled bottom lip
and delicate red stripes like 
blood vessels in the eye

Belated stone

washed up from yesterday
smooth chalky surface
cold to the touch
underside less mottled
almost imperceptible arrow mark
if only it could speak

Saturday, 11 January 2014


brief moments
ephemeral glory
as good a show as the Northern Lights
sky pale blue green
clouds crushed raspberry ice
ivy black
minutes later all gone